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THAIS Magazine: - Photo catalog of single thai women in asia
Catalogs of 100's of Thai women seeking friendships - marriage - including addresses

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THAIS Magazines
(past issues) plus
addresses for all the Thai ladies in our
Online Personal Ads Galleries: "the works"

Current personal ads: V5 Gallery 2002-2003
The V5 gallery is not in a printed format. You will have to view it online. The addresses for the Current V5 Gallery are included with the special offer of all previous THAIS Magazines (printed versions). I will send the addresses of the ladies appearing in the V5 Gallery to you by email and also by postal mail so be sure to provide an accurate email address.

Includes all addresses for the online galleries V3N2 and V4N1 and V5

Plus our last printed issue V3N1
(Winter - Spring 1999) - plus our

Previous Issue V2N1
(Spring - Summer 1998) - plus our

First Issue V1N1
(1997 Opening Issue)

All Catalogs plus V3N2 Gallery, V4N1 Gallery and V5 Gallery
over 500 Ladies - Including last known addresses
For one Price of only $100.00 U.S

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of single asian women seeking marriage

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All Printed Catalogs (3) plus addresses for all online personal ads galleries for $100.00

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