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Please use the form below and please read and follow the directions !

As you browse the Thai personals ads, feel free to use the "add to the shopping cart" to temporarily keep tract of the Thai women you that interest you.
Attention ! When you finish browsing the personals ads of the single thai females, in order to receive the discount, you must first "view your shopping cart" and then write down on paper, all of the "names and catalog numbers" ie: "V5-000 GirlsName" or "V4N1-000 GirlsName" of the thai ladies that you are interested in.

When you finish browsing and are ready to check out, you MUST clear your shopping cart of all the "individually selected" ladies by clicking on the "empty shopping cart" or "clear item" buttons. This insures that you're not charged twice for the same addresses using two different pricing methods. You do not have to clear items such as books or other services ordered.
Got that? Simple huh? Yeah right !

After cleaning out the "individually priced" items (addresses) you must manually enter pertinent data (names and catalog numbers) onto this form (below) and then select (click) on the appropriate discounted price from the pop up men below (based on the number of addresses you desire).

Please note that if you are willing to spend $100.00, quantity discount prices for addresses are negotiable. If you are willing and serious enough to spend $100.00 US, I am serious enough to give you a "serious discount". Please contact me about serious discounts:
Serious Inquiries ONLY please!   
Sounds so serious, right ?

I require a $20.00 US minimum order.
which typically would be two addresses and thus meeting the minimum purchase level of $20.00 US dollars. You have the option to combine an address with other items such as books, newspaper ads, translations or even a personal
listing (
on our new "Thai language" website) in order to achieve the minimum order level.

Remember, do not check out without first removing the "non discounted" addresses from the shopping cart. Complicated? Yes, I know, but there is no way around it. It is a limitation of my software.

Okay, one more time:
Go to the
discount price selection menu (below) and select (highlight) the appropriate line in the menu which corresponds with the number of addresses you wish to purchase. Then in the large text field below that, enter the V4N1-000 catalog numbers and names of the Thai women that you wish to contact. Double check everything and click on the "Put In Shopping Cart" button and there you go!

If you are ordering from other galleries such as V3N1 or V2N1 be sure to enter, in the text area below, the correct names and catalog numbers ( ie: V2N1-007 Thai-Name ) corresponding with the gallery in which the Thai girl appears.

If you have any questions or problems with ordering
call THAIS or email us or mail us a list
of the women you wish to contact and we will process your order manually if necessary.
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Quantity Discount Ordering Form - Enter Data

Select the number of addresses you wish to purchase:
$20.00 US is the minimum order

Enter the Catalog Numbers and Names into box below
More space? Keep adding lines and include "prefix" numbers
Example: V4N1-057 Venit or V3N2-009 Supatra Up and Down

and refund policy


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