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In the Bedroom Out of Trouble 2:
Being Involved in Thailand: Thai Social Culture and Customs
The only intimate Thai Phrase Book for the Thai Language.

Covers aspects of Thai culture not typically discussed in any mainstream book
Highly recommended by me, the founder of THAIS a Must Read !
Please read the book review of In the Bedroom out of Trouble 2

This is the best book that I have ever read on
the subject of Thai social culture and customs
concerning dating, courtship and marriage.

In the bedroom out of trouble 2, Being involved in thailand social customs and culture, by bud knackstedt book about thai social culture and the thai customs concerning dating, courtship, amd marriage to a thai girl, thai woman, asian woman, thjs books also contains many interesting thai phrases for use in the bedroom which primarily are the words that all men what to know how to say in the thai language but are affraid to ask, BUY THIS BOOK  This is the BEST BOOK ON THE SUBJECT IF THAI SOCIAL CULTURE written for foreign men in the English language

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The book "In the Bedroom Out of Trouble 2" is about the less obvious aspects of the Thai social culture concerning dating, marriage, family and business relationships. These concepts are not easily learned and can be most distressing, embarrassing and humiliating when learned the hard way by making grave errors in judgment due to a lack of knowledge about the nature of the Thai people.

Not only does this book fill you in on necessary social details concerning dating and marriage, this book is:

The Only Intimate Phrase book for the Thai Language.
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