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Important Information:
Advice, Suggestions, Etc. (Also see FAQ'S)

friendships, relationships, romance, marriage with Asian womenDisclaimer --
(See THAIS Disclaimer on Ordering Pages for Full Version)

Short Version: Please note that THAIS cannot guarantee that someone will respond to your letters, but we do work diligently to find Thai ladies who are sincerely interested in friendships, relationships, etc.

friendships, relationships, romance, marriage with Asian womenAlthough THAIS doesn't do background checks on our clients, we attempt to interview as many ladies as possible, which can give us an opportunity to "weed out" insincere or undesirable types whenever possible. Whatever you do, remember that rushing into Relationships or Marriage is Never a good idea no matter what part of the world you are from. THAIS recommends that you take time to learn the Thai Culture and Customs, the Thai people and especially your new Thai friend.

American boyfriendTake Time, Never Rush Into A Marriage.

Take time to determine the sincerity and honesty of your new friend before becoming seriously involved with someone that you have just met and have not known for very long.

Be cautious and use good common sense!

It is up to you to be an informed and responsible adult!

Thai girlfriendPlease remember that it is very possible to become charmed, enamored or enchanted with a Thai woman or and Asian woman from a new culture that is unfamiliar to you. Why? Because Thai culture is very different from American and Western culture, but, in some ways Thai culture is similar enough to Western culture in some respects, as to be misunderstood by Westerners.

international picture personals adsMisreading your new friend, because you did not take enough time to know her and her culture, could become a big problem and headache. One thing to remember is that when they speak English to you and they do things and act in a certain fashion, you are perceiving these actions with your Western eyes.

Remember that you are interpreting what you see and hear with your Westernized mind. You believe what you are seeing and hearing. You believe that you understand what you see and hear, but what you see and hear and perceive is not always what you might think and hope it to be, especially in Thailand.


Because you interpret what you see and hear from a Western point of view and western culture and point of view.

dating service neverYou must take time to learn the Thai Culture. Thai American Introduction Service has a sincere interest that our clients succeed in fulfilling their goals, hopes and dreams.

We suggest that you read some travel books and other publications about Thai Culture before becoming too involved in an international relationship.You can check the
THAIS Bookstore for very informative and helpful books and publications. These publications are specifically recommended by THAIS based on my personal experiences in Thailand.

mail order brides neverYou can also browse our "THAIS Virtual Tour Of Thailand" pages for a photographic tour of Bangkok and other areas of Thailand.

international matchmaking notTHAIS disseminates immigration information, translated into the Thai language, to all of our Thai clients concerning U.S. Immigration laws and "other data and disclosures" as required and in compliance with the
New U.S. Immigration Laws.

Thai sweetheartWe hope and the U.S. Government hopes that knowledge of these laws and the
Penalties for Violations of U.S. Immigration Laws, will help to deter dishonest or insincere Foreign Ladies or gentlemen, from committing marriage fraud by using marriage with American men for the sole purpose of gaining entry into America. Nobody needs those sorts of headaches, heartaches and problems.

Thai true loveThe U.S. Government also hopes to deter the possibilities of spousal abuse of foreign brides at the hands of American men by forewarning potential foreign brides about the incidence of spousal abuse of "so called" Mail Order Brides.

The U.S. Government seems to believe that by informing the potential foreign spouses that, should they become a victim of spousal abuse, they can apply to the Immigration Department for a waiver of Immigration Rules, which enables the abused spouse to remain in the U.S.A.

In the past, it is said, that abusive men have been controlling their foreign spouses by keeping them ignorant of U.S. Immigration Laws and by threatening to have their foreign spouse deported for reporting spousal abuse to the authorities. For more information about these topics, go to the
Immigration Information Pages.

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