immigration information links for marriage visas, fiance visas, tourist visas for thai nationals and U.S. american citizens and
residents seeking fiance visas, marriage visas, tourist visas and work visas for their thai wife or thai girlfriend who is now living
in thailand, work visas, visas for education, schooling or training, Thai American Introduction Service THAIS

immigration links
to information sources concerning marriage visas, tourist visas, fiance visas
for your thai girlfriend, thai wife, who is a thai national living in thailand
Here are some links to sources of immigration information concerning issues pertaining to marriage, marrying a thai woman who is a thai national, obtaining a tourist visa for your thai girlfriend, or thai wife, obtaining a fiancee visa for your thai girlfriend or a resident visa for your thai wife and much more.

The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand:

US Embassy Services for US Citizens in Bangkok Thailand

US Embassy Bangkok - Marriage in Thailand Info for American Citizens

US Embassy Bangkok - Consular Services

US Embassy Bangkok - Home Page

US Embassy Bangkok - Visa Information

US Embassy Bangkok - Fiance Visa

(Note: THAIS has heard through the grapevine, that marrying a thai girl in thailand and under the thai law, is not recommended. I have heard that when you marry the thai girl, you also inherit or assume responsibility for all of her debts prior to your marriage. My word of warning on this subject is do the safe thing, consult an attorney. Believe me, you will never know all of the intricate personal details about your proposed mate, including debts, prior marriages, children etc. no matter how sweet she is)

The State Department of the USA:
Travel and Visa Services:

US State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs

Links to United States Embassies and Consulates Worldwide

US State Department - Services- Visas

US State Department - Tips for Fiancee Visas

US State Department - American Citizen-Foreign National Marriages

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service INS:

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Home Page

Links to the Royal Thai Embassy
in Washington, DC USA and Consulates Worldwide:

The Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, DC USA

Links to the Royal Thai Embassy and Consulates Worldwide

Thai Government Links:
To sites dealing with marriage, immigration and vital statistics in Thailand:

Royal Thai Consulate in Los Angeles, California:

Thai Government - Directory

Royal Thai Consulate General - Marriage in Thailand

Thailand Department of Local Administration:
Birth registrations, marriage registration, divorce registration, identification cards, births, deaths, beast of burden registration, firearms registration, name change etc.

Thailand Department of Local Administration - Home

Thailand Department of Local Administration - Site Map

Thailand Public Service Manual

Thailand - Marriage Registration

Thailand - Divorce Registration

Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce:
Thai Links:
thai immigration laws, thai business laws, thai taxation laws, labour,
thai labor and employment laws

Seems the website has changed in regards to immigration and laws

thai canadian chamber of commerce

Immigration Attorneys and Law firms:
Here are some business that deal with immigration issues visas, etc. who have either contacted me to announce their services or they are businesses that I have come across while surfing the net. We have no personal dealings with any of them and cannot personally recommend one to you.

Bose Law Firm - Attorneys Serving Northern Virginia and Washington, DC

Immigration Law Net -

Immigration Law Related Links

Law Firms in Thailand:

Lists of thailand law firms

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