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Advertise in Foreign Newspapers in Bangkok Thailand
with classified personals ads:
Prices for personal classified ad.

The Ladies Write to you First. Online

Irish boyfriendTHAIS can place your very own custom written personal ad in a newspaper in Thailand which is read by millions of Thai Ladies throughout the whole country although the main readership is concentrated in Bangkok.

Scandinavian man boyfriendThe ladies that will see your advertisement probably have never written to anyone before. More than likely, you will be the first one. A personal ad in a Thai newspaper will give you exposure to a very large segment of the population. You will have exposure to ladies that you would most likely never have access to through a penpal club or correspondence club.

Swedish boyfriendWhy? Although many Thai ladies are interested to make friendships and relationships with foreign men, the Thai lady has less freedom from social and family pressures than does the Thai man. It is much more difficult for her to meet a foreign man let alone develop a friendship or relationship with a foreign man because the Thai social culture views it as socially unacceptable among other things.

Belgium boyfriendThai ladies are apprehensive about joining and meeting foreign men through International Picture Personals Ad Services for many reasons such as shyness, cultural taboos, embarrassment, the disapproval of their family and the rampant stories about how foreign men lure the Thai girls to leave their country and then force them into prostitution or sex slaves in some far away place from which she cannot escape.

boyfriend from New ZealandRemember, Thai ladies are usually shy, but very friendly once you get to know them. Many of them have good jobs and worry about what their coworkers, family and friends might think if tons of mail start to arrive at their home or office from men in America. They are afraid of being embarrassed. Many of them have never and would never contact a correspondence club because of those reasons. Fortunately, Thai ladies do answer personal ads. It is more private and discreet for them and more controllable also.

Australian boyfriendThe advantage of advertising yourself in the newspaper is that the ladies can read about you first. This enables them to become more comfortable with the thought about writing to a stranger.

If they are more comfortable they will be more likely to act on their impulses and curiosity about you, without hesitation. They can contact you and only you, directly and quickly without the red tape and delays of joining a penpal club. It is convenient for them and they can act immediately and send a letter to you very quickly. The personal newspaper advertisement is one of the best ways to find that special lady.

Canadian boyfriendGentlemen, please remember to be discreet when writing to the Thai ladies. Respect their privacy as you would want them to respect yours. Keep the ladies photos and addresses confidential. Please do not give out their addresses to other people especially to other penpal companies.

Do not cause a penpal nightmare for them by passing on their photos and data to other companies or other people and strangers. My female Thai clients become very upset when their photos and information fall into "Unauthorized Hands" and when "Certain Other Companies" flagrantly misappropriate the ladies photos and information for "Unauthorized" use in their own catalogs and websites.

Not only is this practice unethical, it is theft and a violation of international copyright laws.

Spanish boyfriendTo order this service, go to the manual ordering forms
to find out what information is needed to write your ad and send the forms to THAIS or use online ordering by clicking the button below. and/or look at the price list.
Your ad can be approximately 50 words. THAIS may have to edit your ad a little to make it fit and sound appropriate in the Thai language.


Co-Ordinated Travel and

Classified Personal Ad Placement Service:
The Ladies Can Contact You First.

French boyfriendIf you are planning a trip to Bangkok and you intend to stay for several weeks, we can place your personal classified ad in a Thai newspaper so that it will coincide with your travel plans. We can direct respondents to contact you at your hotel by mail or by phone. advisory

When have arranged the coordinated ad placement service for quite a few gentlemen and they were delightedly overwhelmed by the many calls, inquiries and responses received.

Dutch boyfriendArrangements for this service can only be made by calling our office in the U.S.A. at 202-338-2664 or
E-Mailing our office in the U.S.A. so that I can make sure that everything is properly coordinated.


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