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Newly Added Personal Ads: Updated: 04-Nov-2002
Thai Asian Women Seeking Foreign Men

Here is a new selection of single Thai women seeking
men for friendships leading to marriage or dating

The singles ads for these Asian Ladies were just added
to my web site:

Below you will find Links/URL's to the personal ads of
Thai Ladies "Most Recently Added" to THAIS Web Site.

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The NEWEST GALLERY V5 is called:
Thailand Personals Ads Gallery V5 for 2002

How did I find these single Thai girls?

Yes these are real Thai women.
These women have answered my advertising in
Thailand newspapers, sent me their details and I
have presented them here for your convenience.

We are not international matchmakers nor a bride
agency for matchmaking nor an introductions services
for dating or arranged marriages, mail order brides.

We DO NOT SELL mailorder wives from Southeast Asia,
Pacific Islander, the Orient. This is the 21st Century
folks. It just Doesn't Happen!

If you want an Asian wife, Oriental bride, spouse,
girlfriend, solemate or partner for life, you must
correspond with a Thai girl and make connections
overseas with penpals, personally, privately and
discreetly by letter writing, besides, it's romantic.

Please write to these lonely ladies folks, they are
anxiously waiting to hear from you. The common
complaint that I get from the Thai ladies is that the
men are taking too long to write them. I'm serious!

Don't wait until old age sets in on these currently
available Thai women
. Act Now and Get Writing.

This is your Head Start,
Don't pass up a GOLDEN opportunity to be one of the
first gentlemen to write to these ladies.


Newly Listed Single Thai Women:  04-Nov-2002  

Ages 18 to 24: Thai Girls; Younger Thai Women
V5-088 Burapha

V5-089 Tawan
V5-090 Wanitchaya
V5-093 Umaporn
V5-095 Chantima
V5-097 Sopis
V5-099 Kunsuda
V5-102 Kuhlabtip
V5-103 Supawadee
V5 2002 Thai Women - 18 to 24 Catalog

Ages 25 to 30: Thai Women; Young Asian women
V5-082 Wachiraporn
V5-085 Bussarin
V5-087 Netnapha
V5-091 U-Ra
V5-105 Sasithorn
V5-108 Anyarat
V5-113 Kae
V5 2002 Thai Women - 25 to 30 Catalog

Ages 31 to 35: Thai Women; Mature Asian women
V5-083 Thunchanok
V5-086 Khunnut
V5-092 Rungnapha - age uncertain
V5-098 Kanokkit
V5-101 Panjun
V5-106 Parichart
V5-114 Chanphanawan
V5-115 Witchayaporn
V5 2002 Thai Women 31 to 35 Catalog

Ages 36 to 40: Thai ladies; lady; Mature Asian women
V5-084 Roongmanee

V5-094 Wisaka
V5-096 Maria
V5-110 Supitcha
V5 2002 Thai Women 36 to 40 Catalog

Ages 41 to 45: Older Asian ladies; Mature Thai women
V5-100 Ratree

V5-109 Kannikar
V5-112 Arunee
V5 2002 Thai Women 41 to 45 Catalog

Ages 46 and UP: Older Asian ladies; Mature Thai lady
V5-107 Yuree
V5-111 Laong
V5 2002 Thai Women 46 and UP


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