In The Bedroom Out ofTrouble 2
Thai Amercian Introduction Service - THAIS
3220 N Street NW, PMB #334
Washington, DC 20007 USA

1-202-338-2664 ph   1-202-338-1425 fx     E-mail:

For shipping within the USA, send cash, check, money order or credit card for $15.00 US
dollars plus $5.00 shipping for a total of $20.00 US payable to THAIS
For Shipping to destinations outside of the USA see below.

You can print this page or copy and paste the form below into a text editing proram, then print it and mail it to the
THAIS address above or you can call in a credit card order by phone or fax in a credit card order.

(Billing name and address should be the same as on your credit card. If your shipping address is different from your billing
address, please fill out the shipping address also)

Billing Address: (same as on credit card)
Address: _______________________________________________________

Shipping Address: (If different from your billing address above)
Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________

Email Address: (required please - privacy assured) ________________________________
Phone: (in case of question or problems) __________________________________

Books Ordered: In the Bedroom Out Of Trouble 2________________________

Payment Amount: US Dollars $________________________________________(Payable to THAIS)

Visa card:____ Master card:____ Check, Money Order or Cash: _____

Card Number: ____________________________________ Expiration Date:

Signature: (Same as on Card)

Postage for USA and International

Shipping Fee for USA is $5.00 US dollars (Priority mail)
Shipping fee for Australia is $11.00 US dollars (air mail)
Shipping Fee for Europe is $10.00 US dollars (air mail)
Shipping Fee for Canada is $5.00 US dollars (air mail)
Shipping Fee for Saudi Arabia $10.00 US dollars (air mail)

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