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Immigration Information Dissemination:
Required Reading: in order to use THAIS services !

Be informed of:
US immigration laws and disclosures concerning international marriages
and the use of international introduction organizations.

Got questions? Contact an immigration lawyer. We are not licensed legal experts and for all intents and purposes, we are prohibited from engaging in matters of immigration. We provide links to information as an aid to our viewers.
Our information is by no means complete. Contact an immigration attorney !

Read the latest government Opinions and Studies about:

International Matchmaking Organizations or IMO'S
and the new proposed rules which may
affect you and your potential foreign bride.

If you feel that these reports are untrue, inaccurate, biased, misleading, unfair or represent discrimination towards the rights of american men to choose a bride. If for any reason these reports cause you to feel uncomfortable about how the Congress, media, women's rights activists and other biased groups "view the unmarried or divorced single american male" who seeks a girlfirend or wife using "personals ads" whether through domestic or international personals ads, it is time to contact your Congressman and Voice your Opinion or let the voices of the people who oppose your right of "free choice", be heard and take away your rights. If you feel that you have something to add or to comment on concerning these subjects, feel free to email to THAIS. We can post your opinions (pro or con) on a webpage for folks to read, just let us know whether you want to remain anonymous or if you want us to post your name or email address with your comments.

International Matchmaking Organizations: A Report to Congress



Every seven seconds a woman is abused in this country.
Many of them are of South Asian origin. ( what some folks are saying ! )

The following is a TRUE story this is what they claim is happening !

 ATTENTION ! The U.S. government requires you to be informed:
of the following US immigration laws and disclosures concerning the mail order brides businesses, mailorder brides businesses.

Illegal Immigration Reform And Immigration Responsibility Act Of 1996

Look at Section 652 !

By ordering THAIS brochures and services you are certifying that you have read and fully understand and will fully comply with the U.S. governments immigration laws and you are fully responsible for keeping yourself informed and in complience with the laws.
THAIS advises all clients to consult with the appropriate government agencies and an Imigration attorney for the EXACT and PRECISE definitions and responsibilities of complience with the U.S. immigration laws

THAIS and THAIS staff are NOT attorneys nor are we experts or authorities on immigration law. THAIS can attempt to provide you with the information that we know and believe to be correct, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to gain correct and precise knowledge of the U.S. immigration laws by contacting the proper immigration law authorities and immigration attorneys or U.S. Embassies to gain knowledge of the current laws and regulations. It is also YOUR responsibility to comply with these laws.
By contacting THAIS or contracting THAIS services you are agreeing to take the responsibility for current knowledge and complience with the laws upon yourself.

THAIS provides certain immigration law information in an effort to help prevent marriage fraud and to warn spouses about the dangers of spousal abuse and to advise spouses of their rights to protection under U.S. immigration laws from spousal abuse.
THAIS is required by the U.S. government to disseminate certain Immigration Law information such as the following information.

The U.S. government now has laws that protect the foreign spouses of U.S. citizens, who are VICTIMS of spousal abuse. The law provides the means for the foreign spouse to contact the U.S. Imigration authorities to appeal for help.

The U.S. government says that many foreign spouses have been abused and their partner has threatened them with deportation if they report the abuse. The U.S. government says that the U.S. citizen spouse has been using these sorts of threats because the foreign spouse has NO KNOWLEDGE of U.S. lmmigration Laws. Now the U.S. government requires that EVERYONE become informed of the laws in an effort to stop the abuse of foreign spouses, and, I might add, to discourage people from committing marriage fraud. Please note that the fines for marriage fraud could be as high as $20,000 I believe.

The U.S. government also requires THAIS to inform you that it is RISKY to marry a stranger that you have only known for a short time. THAIS has always recommended that you take some time to get to know your future partner before attempting marriage. THAIS totally discourages marrying someone that you have only know for a few days or a even a few weeks or a month for that matter. THAIS urges its clients to be "realistic" and take your time to be sure that your future partner is sincere and "right" for you.

The U.S. government requires that THAIS inform you that mail order bride businesses are not regulated by the U.S. government and that you must be careful of who you choose for a wife or partner. THAIS requires that in order for you to use our service, that you must accept the responsibility for checking the background of your potential partner or friend by yourself.

The U.S. government also requires THAIS to inform you that THAIS does not do background checks on any of our clients (male or female) and that THAIS makes no guarantees as to a persons character. We do disqualify clients, and will continue to disqualify clients, if we receive information that indicates that the client is of questionable character. THAIS cannot make any guarantees about the character of our clients. There is no way for THAIS to know with certainty, the character of any of THAIS clients.

All THAIS can do is to provide you with the information which is supplied to us by our clients. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of our information because we have no capability to do thorough background checks. It is TOTALLY your responsibility to do any background research as you deem necessary. If you do not know what kind of checks might be deemed "necessary" seek legal advice.

THAIS is required to WARN our clients that it is possible to meet persons of questionable character by using our services. THAIS advises that it is up to you to be a "responsible adult" and take any necessary precautions to protect yourself from harm due to persons of questionable character. If you do not know how or what to do, seek legal advice.

Very soon, THAIS will be publishing and disemminating all of the required Immigration laws that will soon be required by the U.S. government. THAIS is currently actively researching to find out EXACTLY what all of the required U.S. govenment documents are, and will put them on the THAIS Website just as soon as possible and will be mailing out the informations with our brochures to all of our clients in an effort to comply with the still "very vague" new immigration laws, specifically "Section 652" of the
"Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996". Section 652 of this act pertains to Regulating Mail-Order Bride businesses and International Matchmaking businesses. For more information go the the I.N.S. website at

I will have more information about this next time I hear something more,
so please check back soon.

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