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In the Bedroom Out of Trouble 2:
Being Involved in Thailand: Thai Social Culture and Customs
The only intimate Thai Phrase Book for the Thai Language.

Covers aspects of Thai culture not typically discussed in main stream books
Highly recommended by me, the founder of THAIS a Must Read !
Please read the book review of In the Bedroom out of Trouble 2

This is the best book that I have ever read on
the subject of Thai social culture and customs
concerning dating, courtship and marriage.

In the bedroom out of trouble 2, Being involved in thailand social customs and culture, by bud knackstedt book about thai social culture and the thai customs concerning dating, courtship, amd marriage to a thai girl, thai woman, asian woman, thjs books also contains many interesting thai phrases for use in the bedroom which primarily are the words that all men what to know how to say in the thai language but are affraid to ask, BUY THIS BOOK  This is the BEST BOOK ON THE SUBJECT IF THAI SOCIAL CULTURE written for foreign men in the English language

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The book "In the Bedroom Out of Trouble 2" is about the less obvious aspects of the Thai social culture concerning dating, marriage, family and business relationships. These concepts are not easily learned and can be most distressing, embarrassing and humiliating when learned the hard way by making grave errors in judgment due to a lack of knowledge about the nature of the Thai people.

Not only does this book fill you in on necessary social details concerning dating and marriage, this book is:

The Only Intimate Phrase book for the Thai Language.
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Search for travel southeast asia thailand
Culture Shock: Thailand
Culture Shock: Thailand

Let's Go: SouthEast Asia -- Absolutely the Best.
Thailand and Other Places

Let's Go: Southeast Asia

Highly Recommended

The Best Tour Guide Book about Thailand That I Have Ever Read
Buy This Book
 Let's Go Thailand

Let's Go Southeast Asia 2001
 ISBN: 0312246897

 Let's Go Thailand 

This company did a real good job writing a book that I had purchased from them a few years ago called "Let's Go Thailand" which has now been replaced by Let's Go SouthEast Asia.

All I can say is that the Let's Go Series Book about Thailand, was the handiest and most accurate book that I have ever used as a tour guide book. These writers do the job right.

I used their book extensively while traveling throughout most of Central and Northern Thailand. I was always delightedly surprised when looking up one of the trekking guides or obscure hotels and finding that it was Exactly as described. I attribute the success and good fortune of my tour to Northern Thailand to the company who writes these excellent tour guide books.

I will never forget the chauffered dirt bike tour that I took to visit the hill tribes in the mountains outside of Chaing Rai. I dare say that I must have had two of the best dirt bike drivers in all of Chaing Rai and one of the best times of my life thanks to "Let's Go".

It did not take long before I developed total confidence in the abilities of my driver and and his associate. We rode out to the elephant camps and villages, visited many exciting waterfalls, saw many sites, took hundreds of photos and just plain ole hung out on top of the mountains.

Soon I will have photos posted on this website from my dirt rbike tour of the mountains outside of Chaing Rai. (Virtual Tour of Thailand section).

By the way, you can find these Thai dirt bike tour guides at the Chat Guest House in Chaing Rai, just around the corner from the Rama Hotel (inexpensive but comfortable). I hope they are still around. Their motto is "Anything is Possible" ! ! !

Search for Travel Southeast Asia Thailand

Eyewitness Travel Guides: Thailand
New Version:

Eyewitness Travel Guides:


This book contains a wealth of information about the country of Thailand. The book is well made and seems that it would be very durable. It is made of high quality material. The binding is of good quality and the cover is plastic coated. This Thai tour guide book has lots of color photos and tons of travel and cultural and historical data.
Thailand for Travellers by Travellers
Tales from the Other Side
(For Travellers by Travellers Guidebook Series)
Tales from the Other Side

I have looked through this book and it seems very interesting based on my experience with Thai Travel Books.

Insight Guide Thailand (Serial)
Book&Map edition (September 1998)

I have glanced through this book and it seems like a good one based on my experience with Thai travel books.

Knopf Guide Thailand (Knopf Guides)
I have looked through this book and find it very interesting and well made and durable. Based on my experience with Thai travel books this is a good one.

Moon Travel Handbooks
Thailand Handbook

Lonely Planet
Thailand's Islands & Beaches

Blue Guide: Thailand

Thailand Traveler's Companion (Serial)
Globe Pequot Press

The Rough Guide Thailand
The Rough Guide Thailand  

Open Road's Thailand Guide
Open Road's:
Thailand Guide

For the Budget Consious Travelers who want to stretch their travel funds to the maximum.
Fielding's Guide to Thailand
Including Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar
Fielding's Guide to Thailand: Including Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar  travel books thailand southeast asia Fielding's Guide to Thailand: Including Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar Used Book:

Fielding's Asia:

Fodor's Thailand (Fodor's Gold Guides)
Fodor's Thailand (Fodor's Gold Guides)

Fodor's Exploring Thailand
Fodor's Exploring Thailand Used:

Newer Versions of Fodor's


The Dive Sites of Thailand:
Comprehensive Coverage of Diving and Snorkelling

Many Newer Versions:


Search for Travel Southeast Asia Thailand

Search for travel southeast asia thailand

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