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These books are recommended reading for foreign men seeking asian women for marriage.
For men interested in meeting, dating and marrying a Thai girl, the information in these books
about the Thai customs concerning dating a Thai females and marrying a Thai woman is essential
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In the Bedroom Out of Trouble 2:
Being Involved in Thailand: Thai Social Culture and Customs
The only intimate Thai Phrase Book for the Thai Language.

Covers aspects of Thai culture not typically discussed in main stream books
Highly recommended by me, the founder of THAIS a Must Read !
Please read the book review of In the Bedroom out of Trouble 2

This is the best book that I have ever read on
the subject of Thai social culture and customs
concerning dating, courtship and marriage.

In the bedroom out of trouble 2, Being involved in thailand social customs and culture, by bud knackstedt book about thai social culture and the thai customs concerning dating, courtship, amd marriage to a thai girl, thai woman, asian woman, thjs books also contains many interesting thai phrases for use in the bedroom which primarily are the words that all men what to know how to say in the thai language but are affraid to ask, BUY THIS BOOK  This is the BEST BOOK ON THE SUBJECT IF THAI SOCIAL CULTURE written for foreign men in the English language

U.S. $15.00 +
Postage and Handling
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U.S. $15.00 +
Postage and Handling

The book "In the Bedroom Out of Trouble 2" is about the less obvious aspects of the Thai social culture concerning dating, marriage, family and business relationships. These concepts are not easily learned and can be most distressing, embarrassing and humiliating when learned the hard way by making grave errors in judgment due to a lack of knowledge about the nature of the Thai people.

Not only does this book fill you in on necessary social details concerning dating and marriage, this book is:

The Only Intimate Phrase book for the Thai Language.
More Info



Thai for Lovers: Thai language lessons - Read Review Below

A complete guide to the romantic culture of Thailand Learn to speak the "universal language" but in Thai.   Lessons on Cassette tapes are also available
Recommended Reading:

Thai for Lovers:
Thai language lessons by: Nit and Jack Ajee

U.S. plus postage and handling


Paperback - 190 pages ; 12/ 21/1999
Paiboon Publishing: ISBN: 1887521046
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U.S. $15.00 +
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I have not read this book yet, but I will recommend it anyway.
This book deals with subjects that all men traveling in Thailand should become knowledgeable of. It is to your advantage to seek out many opinions on a particular subject, then analyze your observations and then apply the laws of averages or probability to decide a course of action.

By studying and learning about the customs, culture and language of Thailand will place yourself more in a position of strength than of weakness. This translates into "keeping yourself out of trouble".

Knowledge will help to prevent folks from taking advantage of you, and of course, by learning proper Thai manners, you will command "a little respect" because you show respect for the culture by seriously leaning about it. Look at it this way, folks, at least you will "have a clue" as to what is happening around you. Forewarned is forearmed.

WARNING - Some of the words in this book and used in this course are quite explicit

Comment form back cover:

Helps you to instantly express your feelings and needs in Thai. Provides information for people seeking romance in Thailand. Has commentary sections about many aspects of Thai romantic culture. Helps expand your Thai vocabulary in a systematic way. Is written in a brisk, interesting style and is well organized with clear, easy to read fonts. Requires no previous knowledge of the Thai language. Is fun to use!

Thai for Lovers is the perfect language guide for your romantic journey to the Land of Smiles - Thailand.

About the authors:
Nit and Jack Ajee live in California, USA. Nit is a Thai woman raised in Northeast Thailand. Jack is originally from Seattle, USA. They both have experience teaching Thai and English to foreigners. They have socialized and had business dealings with many other interracial couples which include a Thai partner. The resulting questions and discussions about Thai romantic culture were the inspiration for them to write Thai for Lovers.


Thai for Lovers - Cassette Tapes:
Thai language lessons on Cassette Tape - review and comments

These Thai language tapes were designed by a native speaker of Thai to be used along with the Thai phrase book Thai for Lovers, to help you learn the proper pronounciation of Thai words.

The book, Thai for Lovers, was written as a stand alone study guide to the Thai language of romance. It is not required that you purchase the language tapes.

Of course, if you want to get the most out of the book and learn to speak the Thai language of love more quickly, then it is highly recommended that you purchase the book and the tapes together.

I keep the Thai language books and the Thai language cassette tapes in stock here in Washington DC USA and can ship the books and tapes immediately.

Please note that you can save money on shipping by purchasing the Thai language book and the language tapes at the same time because the two items can be shipped together in the same package.

Also note that I have made provisions in my postage rate tables ( below ) for folks who wish to purchase more than one item, for example, two books or a book and a set of tapes. If you purchase them separately, then you pay double the postage.

If you do not understand the postage rate tables, email me first.

Thai for Lovers Tape Set
by Nit and Jack Ajee

Set of 2 Tapes: ~ $17.00
plus postage


Two Cassette Tapes
Please look up your postage.

Postage: Select one

U.S. $17.00 +
Postage and Handling



Patpong Sisters:
An American Woman's View of the Bangkok Sex World

Recommended Reading:

Patpong Sisters a book about bangkok nightlife and Thai bargirls Patpong Sisters:
An American Woman's View
of the Bangkok Sex World

By Cleo Odzer

I have been hearing a lot about this book lately.

It sounds as though it just might be a very interesting and informative
reference material for gentlemen venturing to Bangkok, Thailand on holiday. The web site at the Barnes and Noble link above, has a tremendous amount of reviews written by readers of this book.

When I first heard about this book I did not want to read it because I thought that it would be just another stupid boring book about Bangkok nightlife. Next I heard that it was written by a woman doing research. At that point, I really began to have my doubts about the validity of the work due to the fact that men and women see life quite differently. As time went on though, the reports have continued to flow in and many have been quite favorable.

So, although I have never read it, I will recommend this book. It deals with subjects that All Men traveling in Thailand should become aware and knowledgeable of, specifically, the ups and downs of the nightlife scene in Bangkok. It is always good to view many opinions on a particular subject.

The excerpt below is from the Barnes and Noble site.

Cleo Odzer, a young American anthropologist, spent three years studying Bangkok's red-light district, Patpong, an area of a few blocks teeming with bars and explicit sex shows. Patpong is now world-famous for its available and extremely attractive young women and men, who cater mainly to farangs - foreigners, most of them men but some women, who come from Europe, Australia, America, and Japan. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.


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